Important Client Advisory: Bogus Payments

We have noticed a recent increase in the number of bogus payment request letters being sent to clients; this typically occurs following publication of a PCT (International) or other patent application. This is a scam; these bogus companies are set up to try and extract money from applicants directly.

Please do not respond or pay any money to such companies; no such payment is normally required.
Some of the companies known to send these letters are found below:

ITMORG – International Trademark Monitoring Organization
IP Direct – International Patent & Trademark Directory
IRO – Intellectual Property Office
IRPT – International Register of Patents & Trademarks
PATR Servis – Worldwide Patent Service
IPWTO – Intellectual Property World Trade Organization
IIP – International Intellectual Property Office
IPTI – International Patents & Trademark Index
WIPD – Registration of International Patents Intellectual Property Office
OPT – Organization for Patents and Trademarks
WPAT – Registration of International Patents
IP Save

For further information please see the warning from WIPO here:

If in doubt about the authenticity of any correspondence you receive in relation to your IP, please contact your attorney at Stratagem IPM.

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