Our People


Nicola Baker-Munton Bio/Biochem (Hons) - Chief Executive Officer CPA, EPA

David Roberts B.Sc (Hons), LLB (Hons) - Non-Executive Chairman CPA, EPA

Sarah Grant Mbiochem - Senior Patent Attorney CPA, EPA (Deputy to CEO)

Keith Gymer MA (Cantab) MSc - Consultant CPA, EPA, CTMA


Isla Furlong MA (Cantab) PhD - HEAD OF PATENTS, Senior Patent Attorney CPA, EPA

Victoria Hufton MPhys (Oxon) - Senior Attorney CPA, EPA (Physical Sciences - Head)

Catherine Lovell BSc (Hons) - Senior Attorney CPA, EPA

Nicholas Acham MSc (Hons) PhD - Senior Attorney CPA, EPA

Colin Barnes BSc (Hons) PhD - Senior Managing Attorney and Head of Training, CPA, EPA

Michael Blake BSc (Hons) PhD - Managing Attorney CPA, EPA

Annabel Hampshire BSc (Hons) MSc - Senior Managing Attorney CPA, EPA

Diana D'Arcy MA (Cantab) - Patent Attorney, EPA

Sarah Massara MA (Cantab) MSc PhD - Trainee Patent Attorney

Simon Yates DPhil - Trainee Patent Attorney

Uybach Vo BSc (Hons) PhD - Trainee Patent Attorney 

James Sharley (MChem) PhD - Trainee Patent Attorney

Tharsini Sivapalan Bsc (Hons) MRes PhD - Trainee Patent Attorney

Oliver Leason MEng (Hons) - Trainee Patent Attorney

Joseph Hamer MRPharmS - Trainee Patent Attorney



Trade Marks/Copyright

Abigail Woolhouse CTMA, ETMA - HEAD OF TMs/COPYRIGHT, Senior Attorney CTMA, ETMA

Addy Bridger BSc (Hons) MSc - Trade Mark Attorney CTMA, ETMA

Yvette Spring BProc (UNISA) IPSoc - Managing Attorney CTMA, ETMA

Emma Hewson LLB Law (Hons) - Trade Mark Attorney CTMA, ETMA


Amritjot Jethwa LL.B, MSc, PgDip - Solicitor

Stratagem IPM Ltd (Head Office)

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Tel. 01223 550740
Email. mail@stratagemipm.co.uk


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