Agreement Management

Your company's agreements based around their IP assets may include sale and purchase agreements, assignments, licences, undertakings, MTAs, CDAs, coexistence agreements, collaboration agreements, clinical trial agreements and many other agreements specific to your circumstances. Agreements are often executed between parties, but then placed into a filing cabinet without important details, such as expiry dates, milestone payments, obligations etc being noted centrally. As a consequence, when it becomes necessary to provide a list of agreements for due diligence, for example, it takes time and effort to locate and review all documents before release, at a point when time may be of the essence. In addition, it is important to note which IP rights have been licensed to third parties, etc, to ensure that the rights are not inadvertently allowed to lapse without reference to the licensor.

Stratagem has the experience, ability and resources to assume responsibility for agreement management. We can electronically store copies of all agreements and enter important data into our database to enable quick and painless listing of agreements, with copies, whenever needed.

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