Victoria Hufton MPhys (Oxon) - Senior Attorney CPA, EPA (Head of Physical Science)

Annabel Hampshire BSc (Hons) MSc - Senior Attorney CPA, EPA, RDA (Head of Patent Practice)

Catherine Lovell BSc (Hons) - Senior Attorney CPA, EPA

Nicholas Acham MSc (Hons) PhD - Senior Attorney CPA, EPA

Matthew Rodgers  BSc (Hons) PhD - Senior Attorney, CPA, EPA

Richard Frith BSc (Hons) PhD - Senior Attorney CPA, EPA

Michael Blake BSc (Hons) PhD - Managing Attorney CPA, EPA

Diana D'Arcy MA (Cantab) - Managing Attorney EPA

Sarah Massara MA (Cantab) MSc PhD - UK Patent Attorney

Sophy Denny BSc (Dunelm) - Managing Attorney CPA, EPA

Uybach Vo BSc (Hon) PhD - Part Qualified Patent Attorney

James Sharley (MChem) PhD - Part Qualified Patent Attorney

Tharsini Sivapalan BSc (Hons) MRes PhD - Part Qualified Patent Attorney

Oliver Leason MEng (Hons) - Part Qualified Patent Attorney

Joseph Hamer MRPharmS - Part Qualified Patent Attorney

Hannah Kembery MChem - Part Qualified Patent Attorney

Emma Koncewicz BSc (Hons) MSc - Part Qualified Patent Attorney

Jennifer Rossell MChem Phd - Trainee Patent Attorney

Yasmin Dosanjh BSc (Hons) MSc - Trainee Patent Attorney

Joel Fraser MPhys (Hons) - Trainee Patent Attorney



Victoria Hufton MPhys (Oxon)

Senior Attorney CPA, EPA (Head of Physical Science)

Victoria Hufton is a European Patent Attorney and a Chartered Patent Attorney. Victoria obtained a Masters degree in Physics from Oxford University and joined the patent profession in 2000 receiving her training within a London-based private practice. She has subsequently worked as Intellectual Property manager for Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd with overall responsibility for a portfolio covering all aspects of the R&D output of the European activities before joining Stratagem in April 2008.

Victoria has experience of all aspects of the filing and prosecution of UK, European and International patent applications together with portfolio management experience gained during her time at Nissan.

Victoria has previously worked in a wide variety of technical areas including printing sciences; audio equipment; oil and gas products; computer systems; equipment for the cement industry; high throughput screening and genomics automation; and automotive safety systems.

Annabel Hampshire BSc (Hons) MSc

 Senior Attorney, CPA, EPA, RDA (Head of Patent Practice)

Annabel joined in 2016 and she shares a professional enthusiasm with the Stratagem team for extracting value from IP by devising and delivering commercially-focussed strategies.

Her key client work involves proactive portfolio management and she has extensive experience conducting IP due diligence, including: evaluation for technical development; opportunity mining; and supporting transactional corporate activities, such as acquisition, collaboration work and IP-related contractual matters. Annabel possesses a rare breadth of business and operational exposure having built her advocacy skills within an in-house generics department, an international law firm and boutique-scale practices. From a technical perspective Annabel bridges the chemical, life science and mechanical fields but specialises in healthcare and pharmaceuticals; enjoying medical/surgical-based innovation particularly.

In her wider role, Annabel often helps drive internal projects to help facilitate the company mantra, especially concerning clear/concise communication, effective social management/internal structure and efficiency measures.


Catherine Lovell BSc (Hons)

Senior Attorney CPA, EPA

Catherine has an Honours Degree in Biology from Portsmouth University, and qualified as a Chartered Patent Attorney in 2005 and as a European Patent Attorney in 2006. Before training as a patent attorney Catherine gained valuable commercial experience in the field of intellectual property licensing and technology transfer.

She started her career working as a Patent Specialist at Unipath Diagnostics, where she was closely involved with a number of high profile court cases relating to Unipath's 'one-step' diagnostic platform. She then moved to BTG where she gained valuable experience of all aspects of the technology transfer process, working first for the Medical Device and Diagnostics team before training as a patent attorney with responsibility for Life Science technologies in the field of Oncology. More recently Catherine spent 5 years working as a Biotech Patent Attorney at AstraZeneca where she gained extensive experience of intellectual property due diligence and antibody patenting.

Her technology base covers a broad spectrum of life science and medical device technologies, such as antibody and large molecule therapeutics (biologics), vaccines, drug delivery technologies, antibody formulations, diagnostic devices, molecular diagnostics and medical devices.

Nicholas Acham MSc (Hons) PhD

Senior Attorney CPA, EPA

After several years of R & D in the surface coatings industry in France and the UK, Nicholas entered the patent profession in 2000. A short period in private practice, working mostly on mechanical inventions and in trade marks practice, was followed by 12 years at a multinational fast-moving consumer goods company supporting their frozen foods, skin care, basic research and ice cream businesses during which time he acquired extensive experience in invention harvesting, drafting applications, examination of applications, opposing and defending patents before the EPO both at first and second instances, managing extensive patent portfolios, and providing advice on technical agreements. He is also fluent in French and intermediate in German and Mandarin Chinese. Nicholas joined Stratagem IPM in 2017.

Matthew Rodgers BSc (Hons) PhD

Senior Attorney CPA, EPA

Matthew is a European and UK patent attorney specialising in the life sciences. Following an applied biology degree at the University of Bath and a PhD in invertebrate pathology he undertook two post docs focussing on plant molecular biology. He then spent several years working for Rhone Poulenc on herbicide targets and plant genomics before moving to the patent department in 2001. In 2003 he moved to BTG and latterly Boston Scientific, where he worked on a variety of projects in pharmaceuticals, polymers, biotech and medical devices as well as acquisition due diligence, freedom to operate and R&D and tech transfer agreements.



Richard Frith BSc (Hons) PhD

Senior Attorney CPA, EPA

Richard is a Chartered Patent Attorney and a European Patent Attorney.

Richard has a BSc and PhD in chemistry. He is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a Chartered Chemist. He worked as a medicinal chemist in the pharmaceutical industry before entering the profession in 1996. He was appointed as partner of an IP practice in 2005 and he joined Stratagem IPM in 2022.

Richard handles a broad spectrum of technical subject matter which includes chemical, materials science, healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical related innovations. In addition to drafting and prosecuting patent applications, Richard represents patentees and opponents in opposition and appeal proceedings before the Opposition Divisions and Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office. He also advises on the scope and validity of 3rd party patent filings and provides freedom to operate opinions. Richard has represented various leading UK and international companies and he has acted as an expert witness on European patent law in litigation proceedings in Canada for a multi-national pharmaceutical company.

Michael Blake BSc (Hons) PhD

Managing Attorney CPA, EPA

Michael is a Chartered Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney. Before joining Stratagem in 2017, he worked for 9 years in private practice in the UK and Australia. Michael’s experience working overseas has given him a broad knowledge of patent matters in multiple jurisdictions. In addition to drafting and prosecuting European, UK, Australian, New Zealand and international patent applications, Michael has particular experience in matters relating to freedom to operate, IP strategy and due diligence and works with a variety of clients, from start-ups and SMEs to large corporations.

Michael obtained an Honours degree and PhD in chemistry from the University of Bristol and carried out postdoctoral research at Princeton University, USA and at the University of Exeter. Michael’s extensive research background enables him to quickly get to grips with a broad range of technical subject matter in the chemical and life sciences sector, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, mining, petrochemicals, inks, steels, food products, polymers and chemical sensors.

Diana D'Arcy MA (Cantab)

Managing Attorney CPA, EPA, Life Sciences

Diana joined StratagemIPM in February 2017, having spent 5 years working in private practice on global patent portfolios. She gained particular experience of UK and European patent prosecution, including supporting Opposition proceedings before the European Patent Office. She also has experience of due diligence and restoration and re-establishment of rights and has provided opinions on patentability, infringement and validity. 

Prior to entering the patent profession, Diana worked closely with biotech and pharma clients on technology and commercial strategy projects as a consultant. Therefore, Diana understands the importance of IP as a commercial asset and is able to tailor her service and advice to the needs of each client and their business.

She has experience of a broad range of Life Science technologies, especially: protein engineering, antibodies, biological therapeutics, vaccines, plant biotechnology, diagnostics and medical devices.  Diana has a first class Natural Sciences degree from the University of Cambridge focusing on molecular biology, physiology, zoology and neuroscience.

Sarah Massara MA (Cantab) MSc PhD

  Patent Attorney CPA

Sarah joined Stratagem in 2015 and qualified as a Chartered Patent Attorney in 2019, having been awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law and an MSc in Management of Intellectual Property from Queen Mary University of London in 2016. Sarah’s technical background is in molecular biology, human biology, plant sciences and pathology, and she has experience in patent drafting and prosecution in a variety of fields including life sciences and digital health. Sarah particularly enjoys undertaking patentability and freedom to operate analyses and preparing oppositions and third party observations before the European Patent Office. Prior to joining Stratagem Sarah gained experience in a number of sectors including research, pharmaceuticals and science communication, and has worked for organisations ranging from small start-ups through universities to large multinationals so has an understanding of their different commercial requirements. Sarah has a first degree in Natural Sciences (Genetics) from the University of Cambridge and a PhD in molecular plant virology from the University of Bristol.

Sophy Denny BSc (Dunelm)

Managing Attorney CPA, EPA

Sophy Denny is a Chartered Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney with over 15 years experience in patent practice. She has a degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Durham University and previous research experience in plant sciences, including genetic transformation.

Sophy’s area of expertise covers a wide range of disciplines, including biochemistry, immunology, pharmaceuticals, genetics, medical devices and therapies, with particular expertise in biotherapeutics including biologics and antibody therapeutics and also in recombinant DNA technology.

She has experience in the full range of patent services, ranging from prosecuting patent applications for a wide range of clients, drafting patent applications, handling opposition and appeal work, obtaining patent term extensions and supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) in countries where such rights are available, as well as instructing attorneys in various jurisdictions worldwide.


Uybach Vo BSc (Hons) PhD

Part Qualified Patent Attorney

Uybach is a Part Qualified Patent Attorney and IP Manager. He holds a Postgraduate Intellectual Property certificate from Brunel University. Since joining the profession he has gained experience in drafting and prosecution of UK, European and foreign patent applications in the Life sciences and Physical sciences fields. He has also gained experience in freedom to operate and patentability assessments.

Uybach has a first degree in Biochemistry with a year in Industry at the University of Birmingham and a PhD in Biophysics from the University of Manchester. His previous experiences include a placement at GlaxosmithKline, working as a technical researcher at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland and awarded a CASE studentship at AstraZeneca. Uybach has also gained commercial experience through his participation in Biotechnology YES and Manchester Business Enterprise competitions.


James Sharley (MChem) PhD

Part Qualified Patent Attorney

James joined Stratagem IPM in November 2017 as a Trainee Patent Attorney. He holds a PhD in organic synthesis from Durham University and a first class Undergraduate Master’s degree in Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Loughborough University. During his PhD he worked alongside a leading flavour and fragrance manufacturer and his research led to multiple patent filings. His technical experience within chemistry centres around modern synthesis techniques and includes flow chemistry, the use of solid-supported reagents and various areas of catalysis including biocatalysis. Upon completing his studies James moved to a position in the pharmaceutical industry, gaining experience in API process development, before later taking up a position in the autocatalyst industry where he was responsible for supporting key manufacturing plants in Asia.

Tharsini Sivapalan Bsc (Hons) MRes PhD

Part Qualified Patent Attorney

Tharsini joined Stratagem IPM in July 2017, having completed a 3 month internship with the firm the previous year.

After completing a BSc in Biochemistry at King’s College London and an MRes in Clinical Research at Imperial College London, she undertook a PhD in biological sciences at the Quadram Institute Bioscience. During her PhD she gained experience in molecular biology techniques and in undertaking a human intervention study. Outside of her PhD, she participated in BioTech Yes, gaining an insight into commercialisation, sat on the UEA Faculty of Medicine and Healthcare research ethics committee, and also organised one day student showcase events at Quadram Institute.

Tharsini is enjoying gaining experience with FTO and drafting patent applications and is looking forward to gaining further experience in all aspects of the patent profession.

Tharsini Sivapalan

Oliver Leason MEng (Hons)

Part Qualified Patent Attorney

Oliver joined Stratagem in September 2018 after a short internship with the company the previous summer. He has a First Class Degree in Civil Engineering MEng (Hons) from the University of Bath where he also completed a year in industry as a Structural Engineer. Oliver has undertaken a wide variety of university modules including material science, hydraulics and computer applications in addition to completing a design project centred around renewable energy.

Joseph Hamer MRPharmS

Part Qualified Patent Attorney

Joseph joined Stratagem IPM in September 2018 as a Trainee Patent Attorney, having completed an internship the previous summer. He graduated with a first class Undergraduate Masters in Pharmacy from the University of Bath, where he was the recipient of the Pharmacy Centenary Scholarship for the duration of his studies. His masters research project was on the isolation and characterisation of novel antibiotics produced by soil bacteria. Following graduation he completed his Pharmacy pre-registration training in the community sector, becoming a qualified Pharmacist in September 2018.

Hannah Kembery MChem

Part Qualified Patent Attorney

Hannah joined Stratagem in August 2019 as a Trainee Patent Attorney. She graduated with an Undergraduate Master’s in Chemistry with Biological and Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Sheffield. During her university career, Hannah studied a variety of modules including core chemistry theories, cheminformatics and genomic approaches to drug design; as well as completing a masters project focused on the mechanistic differences between a mutant enzyme and its wild type. 

Jennifer Rossell MChem PhD

Trainee Patent Attorney

Jennifer joined Stratagem as a Trainee Patent Attorney in October 2020 having completed a 3 month internship. She holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sheffield and a first class integrated Masters degree in Chemistry from the University of Leeds. During her undergraduate degree she also completed a placement year with GlaxoSmithKline, working in the Global Documentation Group.

She has studied a wide range of Chemistry modules during her undergraduate degree, and gained experience in electrochemical techniques including electrochemical impedance spectroscopy during her PhD.

Yasmin Dosanjh BSc (Hons) MSc

Trainee Patent Attorney

Yasmin joined Stratagem as a Trainee Patent Attorney in November 2020 having completed a 2-month internship at the company. She holds a Master’s degree in Biotechnology from Imperial College London, where she was awarded the Eurofins Foundation Award for ranking top of her class. Yasmin’s Master’s research project was based on advances in RNA-based vaccine technology, with a particular focus on formulation and delivery. Yasmin was also awarded the Dean’s List for Academic Excellence during her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry with Management, where she studied modules ranging from Synthetic Biology to Bioinformatics. As a founding member of the student led start-up Nanoshield, Yasmin has also gained hands-on commercial experience to complement her strong scientific background.

Joel Fraser MPhys (Hons)

Trainee Patent Attorney

Joel joined Stratagem as a Trainee Patent Attorney in May 2021 having completed a 3 month internship. He holds a Master’s degree in Physics from Loughborough University, where he studied a range of modules including Quantum Physics, Superconductivity and Computing; as well as completing a Masters project focused on the use of magnetic thin films in MRAM devices.

Upon completion of his studies Joel moved into the Test and Measurement Industry gaining experience in software and electronics.

Emma Koncewicz BSc (Hons) MSc

Part Qualified Patent Attorney

Emma joined Stratagem in 2022 from an Oxford-based biotech specialising in therapeutic exosomes, where she was involved in patent drafting and prosecution, Freedom to operate (FTO), due diligence, and IP education.

She holds an Honours degree in Pharmacology from the University of Hertfordshire and a Master’s degree in Drug Discovery from Kings College University of London, with a research placement at Pfizer. 

Beginning her career in commercial IP intelligence firstly at GSK, then Thomson Reuters, followed by MRC Technology, she presented at a conference on FTO from a technology transfer perspective.  She successfully completed her Master’s in IP management at QMUL as a Herschel-Smith Scholar (Harvard- Cambridge Universities) and engaged in the Transnational IP Program co-held by the Universities of Dresden and Washington.  Emma then moved to Ireland to become an IP manager for a multinational cosmetics company, where she harvested inventions and managed the patent portfolio for a variety of technologies including nutrition, gaining experience on establishing IP strategy, policy, process, and budgeting. Consequently, she presented at a conference in Las Vegas on integrating IP and R&D processes. Upon joining an Irish firm as a trainee, she gained experience in drafting and prosecution of UK, Irish, European and foreign patent applications in a broad range of technologies including mechanical and computer implemented inventions.

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