The global drive to reduce carbon emissions has already generated a new wave of technology-based companies which are developing products for the generation of clean energy and its efficient distribution, low energy consumption devices, and materials recycling and reuse processes for industry. The science of bio- and nano-technology and new materials is supporting this long wave of development.  At this stage however establishment of a strong intellectual property position is essential for new cleantech companies.  Stratagem sees this field as one of strategic importance which it is well placed to support.  The staff has an extensive range of relevant expertise including materials, fine and petrochemicals, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, devices, and automotive engineering.

The full catalogue of Stratagem services is relevant for growth companies in this sector, where the need for joined-up technology underpins the whole idea of a commercially successful carbon reduction proposition. The Stratagem experience in business development, partnering and commercial exploitation, licensing and due diligence is proving valuable to the existing clients.  Additionally Stratagem can provide the more traditional areas of patent and trade mark protection and portfolio management for any cleantech company.

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