Since the 1980's methods for developing materials and devices by design at the atomic and molecular scale have grown steadily. These tools have now enabled the application of nanotechnology to solving real commercial problems. Applications have been found in diverse fields such as functional materials for textiles and fuel cells, optoelectronic devices for communication, lighting, photovoltaics and medical implants.

Nanotechnology spans the disciplines of physics, chemistry and biology, but has its own unique methodology which integrates these subjects at a fundamental level. In patent terms this makes it a complex subject to protect. Stratagem can bring together staff experienced in all these fields together with highly experienced attorneys to obtain the best protection for these inventions. Stratagem can identify the commercially important elements and ensure through the course of filing and prosecution that the scope of the patent is aligned with the commercial strategy. Stratagem can develop an understanding of the competitors' intellectual property activities and advise on how threats and opportunities can be managed to ensure that the business value grows.

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